Welcome to Islam Book #

Congratulation. Allah has guided you to here. It is a great thing happened to you. Allah wants good for you. Trust Allah. My objective to give you a clear picture of Islam. What is it? How to embrace it. I request you to open your heart to truth light. There is nothing to lose if you carefully consider your options in this life. So, let’s start with the big question, what is Islam?

What is Islam? #

If you get a chance to buy a machine, you must get the operating manual. The operating manual will teach you how to operation that machine, how to maintain it, the hazard that could happen. What if I told you I have an operating manual for humans? Isn’t that great?

Islam is the operation manual for humans. It is a system that fulfills humans needs in a balanced way. If you believe in it and follow it in sincerity, you will be granted a good life. A life with inner peace. Yet, you will face a difficulties and hardships, but you will handle it with a great confidence and a big smile on your face. A life with a meaning you work for.

The secret here is simple. This world has a creator. He creates the humans for a purpose. The purpose is to worship him only. However, he gives the humans the choice. As a human, you can decide either to worship your creator or close your eyes and do whatever you want. If you choose the second option, you bear the responsibility for your choices. You will find the creator in yourself in the situation where there is no other help could come (i.e., when a ship sinks in the sea or a plane falls from the sky). You will turn to him and ask him.

If you decide to believe in the creator of this world, you will ask yourself How do I suppose to worship him? The answer is the creator of this world send messengers to teach the humans how to worship him and things they need to do. We call the creator of this world is “Allah”.

Islam is a message from Allah to the humans, carried by the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). You need to believe on that. You have to submit to Allah’s will and follow his commands (i.e., Islam), to get the promised good life. After you believe, you have to do the worship acts and the good things.

Islam is a life system. It consists of beliefs, act of worship, rules to organize the family, rules to organize how to deal with others, financial and trading rules, and ethics. To be a true Muslim, you need to follow that all. You can’t pick and mix as you wish.

Sources of Legislation in Islam #

Allah’s words were revealed to the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). Then the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) announced it to the people. Allah’s words are the holy Quran. The holy Quran is the absolute truth. Allah blessed the mankind with the holy Quran.

Islam is formed from Allah’s words (the holy Quran) and the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) instructions, as he was the only trusted human by Allah to convey his words and commands.

We call the prophet Mohammed’s (peace be upon him) instructions, speeches, sayings, acts is Sunnah. The source of legislation in Islam are the holy Quran and the Sunnah.

Islam Book #

Islam book is an attempt to provide a clear and easy explanation of Islam and how to practice it. It is written for new Muslims in mind. It focuses on How-to. This effort is the result of a personal need. It is an attempt to address the shortage of Islamic resource in English and other language.

Please note that the Quran is written in Arabic and all the translations are a translation of its meaning. In this book, I depend on the English Translation of Rowwad Translation Center from The Noble Quran Encyclopedia.

If you’re interested in translating it to your language, you are more than welcomed.

How Islam Book Organized #

In Islam, acts of worship are of two types: physical acts of worship or financial ones. The latter is like Zakah (Obligatory Charity) and giving back rights to people who owe them, like paying off debts, entertaining guests, and neighborhood’s right.

The physical worship type can be classified into two distinct categories, namely, the pure physical form, which encompasses the act of prayer and its associated rituals, fasting, maintaining familial bonds, cultivating good relationships with neighbors, and other related practices. The second category is physical and financial (meaning that it involves spending money plus physical act), such as the cases of Hajj (Pilgrimage) and Jihad.

Islam book will cover most of that, the following:

  1. The Fundamental Beliefs: This chapter will cover the essential beliefs that a Muslim must believe in.
  2. Admission: This chapter will cover how to become a Muslim and the list of the most common terminologies used by Muslims.
  3. Purification: This chapter will cover the body purity and how to keep it.
  4. Prayer: This chapter will teach you how to prayer to Allah.
  5. Fasting: This chapter will teach you how to perform the fasting.
  6. Zakat: This chapter will teach you how to perform the Zakat.
  7. Hajj:This chapter will teach you how to perform the Hajj.
  8. Ethics: this chapter will cover the Islamic ethics and proper manner.
  9. Family: This chapter will explain the Islamic system for family (marriage, divorce, raising children, etc.).
  10. Financials and treading rules: this chapter will cover the basic concept of Islam regarding financial and treading rules.
  11. Other’s rights: This chapter will cover the other people’s rights.